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"Escape to the Lake..."Rental Policies

The use of the word “Guest” in this Policy Document, The Registration Form, The Release of Liability and other documents used by Synectics Inc. and MyLakeHouse.com referrers to one or more person(s) including the renter or persons accompanying the renter as guest to the Lake House and surrounding premises.  The term “Responsible Guest” shall mean the individual that signs any or all documents on behalf of all other “Guest(s)” they may have accompanying or invited to share in their visit of the lake house and surrounding premises.  The responsible guest shall hold the primary responsibility for all finical obligations and informing all other guests of the policies and acceptable use of premises and equipment.

NO SMOKING INDOORS, this policy is strictly enforced out of respect to all our guests that do not smoke or that may have health issues problems & allergies being around it.

Damages to the Lake House, furniture, or any property will be the finical responsibility of the Guest. We try to keep the Lake House very nice for all Guests so please do your part and know you will be charged accordingly for any damage that occurs under your control.
Bath Towels are cleaned and counted each visit.  If a towel is missing after your stay you will be charged five dollars per towel.

Guest understands the use of the hot tub has a clean up fee of $45 dollars.  This charge is because we completely drain and change the water; clean the hot tub between each new guest.   This insures clean safe hot tub water for your enjoyment.  Thank you for your understanding this policy.  We also recommend that the top be closed on the hot tub anytime it is not in use, this is to keep the bugs & trash out of the water.  We recommend that persons using the hot tub rinse off sand, soap, and other derbies prior to entering the hot tub.  A shower is provided outside the hot tub door for your convenience.

Cancellation policy, once we confirm your reservation and it is guaranteed by a credit card the days are yours if you use them or not. You can substitute friends or family or ask us to try to try and trade them with other guest or help find replacement guest to take your days. We hope you understand why we have to have such a firm policy on this. We have only one unit and that means we are 100% occupied or 100% empty, because of our normally high demand we know the days would have most likely been filled by others other then the guest that needs to cancel if they had not been reserved. The good news with some advance notice we normally do not have a problem finding replacement guest and we always do our very best, with advance notice. The bottom line is any cancellation refund is subject to finding others to take your spot.  No Exceptions! Sorry.

Credit will not be given on lodging due to rental extras such as Jet Skis, boats, etc… not being available.  When you reserve the Lake House you are reserving and paying for the lodging only. Other extras will be rented and provided on an as available basis. This means that if for reason we do not have a rental extra available due to conditions, defect, or malfunction we will only credit or not charge the rental cost of the extra item not available. We rarely have this occur and we of course do everything we can to insure the equipment is available for your use.

All extras (meaning equipment rentals) are subject to availability and weather conditions. Sorry to say we do not have an unlimited supply of equipment and things do brake.  We will do everything possible to make sure you have the equipment you expect available.  Rental packages will be adjusted accordingly (this means overall discounts may change) for equipment not available, however the base lodging will remain the same as published on the website.  Base-lodging price is not subject to availability of equipment.

About the Lake

sunrise2.JPGLake Tawakaoni is a 36,700-acre Sabine River Authority reservoir, one of the larger lakes entirely within Texas with 200-mile shoreline. Hosts of marinas, camps and parks along wooded shores with boat ramps, weather reporting station and designated water ski areas. Some of the state's best fishing in countless coves and inlets; more than five square miles of submerged timber provide prime habitat. Location: East of Dallas just 15 miles southeast of Greenville on Caddo Creek and the South Fork and Cowleech Fork of the Sabine River. The lake spreads over portions of three counties Van Zandt, Rains, and Hunt.


Maximum Depth: 80 feet
Date Impounded: 1960
Water Level Fluctuation: Moderate, 2-4 ft.
Normal (full) water elevation: 437.5 ft. msl Current Water Levels 
Predominant Fish Species caught on regular basis: Striped bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, catfish and largemouth bass 

Fishing Regulations


All fishes are currently managed under statewide regulations. 


Striped bass, hybrid striped bass and white bass are vital to the local economy, providing excellent fisheries especially in the lake's open water areas. Striped and hybrid bass are stocked annually by TPWD to maintain the fisheries. Channel catfish are abundant, and there are also some blue and flathead catfish in the population. Largemouth bass are also a popular sportfish in this reservoir. Crappie fishing is only fair, due to limited habitat. 




Flooded timber, although not abundant, is found in scattered areas throughout Lake Tawakoni. Aquatic vegetation is sparse and tends to increase following lake draw-downs. As water levels increase, emergent aquatic plants such as smartweed establish dense areas of cover. Main lake humps tend to attract schools of striped bass, hybrid striped bass, and white bass. The habitat on Lake Tawakoni is limited, so any available cover tends to attract and hold largemouth bass.




Catfish are one of Lake Tawakoni's sure bets. Anglers use a range of baits including cut bait, shrimp, liver, stink baits and earthworms. Techniques include drift fishing, bank fishing, and trotlining. Largemouth bass anglers should concentrate their efforts around available cover such as piers, boat houses, vegetation and trees along the shoreline. Peak times for fishing include spring for spawning fish and fall for schooling fish. Spawning fish are frequently caught using spinnerbaits, plastic worms, and jigs. Schooling fish can be caught using crankbaits, spinnerbaits and topwater lures. 


In spring and summer, surfacing schools of striped bass, hybrid stripers and white bass can be caught using slabs, spoons, shad-bodied grubs, and topwater baits. Seagulls are attracted when schooling fish chase bait fish to the surface. Early morning, dusk, and overcast days are good times to find these schooling fish. When there is no surface activity, anglers should try vertical jigging slabs or spoons off the bottom or trolling major points using lipless crankbaits, sassy shads and roadrunners. In addition, live shad are used by many anglers to catch hybrids and stripers. Crappie fishing is often concentrated near bridge pilings, submerged trees and brush piles in late spring and fall. 

Horses are Welcome


8.jpgGuest horses are welcome at "Escape to the Lake" mini-retreat. You can ride our trails and the lakeshore, and then turn your horses out in our pasture for the night. $15.00 per night per horse and includes costal hay and grain. Negative Coggins papers are required on all guest horses. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Lake House...

Massage Session Information


MassageHere at "Escape to the Lake" mini-retreat we want everything to be as enjoyable of an experience as we can make it. Therefore we do our best to tailor each and every experience to each guest's expectations. Many people that stay with us have never experienced a professional massage before and then there are some who are very experienced with them. No matter what your experience level a massage is a very personal indulgence and at the same time an excellent step too any good health program. To help us structure and customize a Massage Session to meet your expectations, needs, desires, and comfort level we have put together the following information package and questionnaire. We do encourage you to read the information package fully before answering the Massage Questionnaire. We will need only the questionnaire page to be returned.

All information provided to us on the questionnaire page is kept private and confidential and is returned to you at the end of your of your massage session. The information is only used to help us select the right therapist / Masseuse and allow them to understand your needs and provide to you the appropriate Massage Session. When you arrive and before your massage session starts the therapist will conduct a fast pre-interview this is just to review answers on the questionnaire that might be in need of more clarification, it is also an opportunity for the masseuse to explain the session process and a great time for you to ask any questions that you may have.

During the massage session your privacy will always be respected. You will have the option to undress or leave on as much clothing as you are comfortable with. The massage can even be done through a sheet or over the clothing if that is your desire. However it is recommended that you remove all clothing for best results and enjoyment, clothing will impede your relaxation and the therapist's ability to work smoothly and seamlessly. (There should be absolutely no reason to be embarrassed or uncomfortable the therapist are understanding professionals that do this routinely)… The therapist will leave the room to allow you the time to disrobe, cover yourself with the sheet and get comfortable on the table. Your session will most likely start first with you on the table face down (but that is your choice). You will remain "draped" at all times during the massage, except for those areas being worked on (draping is optional and you may select on the questionnaire your choice). The word "Draped" means covered with a sheet. The massage therapist will always obtain consent prior to removing the draping in the private areas of the body… be open and honest of your comfort level and don't hesitate to communicate it to the therapist at any point.

Today people look to massage therapy as more than body indulgence or pampering. Massage therapy has evolved over the years and is rapidly more accepted medically as a preventive and therapeutic alternative to achieve good health. We think it should be both a total body indulgence / pampering and medically therapeutic. All of our Therapists are professionals and have experience in many different massage techniques. The next part of this document will help us match you with the appropriate Therapist / Masseuse and massage technique you desire…

To help you get the most enjoyment from your massage, we offer detailed descriptions of the massage techniques offered. Please fill out our Massage Questionnaire so your massuese can provide the perfect massage for you.


Rental of My Lake House requires certain forms at time of check-in. Please use the forms below to speed up the check-in process.


Escape to the Lake Rental Policy     Release of Liability     Guest Registration Form     Watercraft Rental Agreement

      Rental Agreement             Release of Liability             Guest Registration               Watercraft Rental